AWR launching its 6th call for proposals, and presenting all of four new research projects that have received grants in 2019. Four new science projects were granted the total of USD$155,000

“In an era of climate change and threats to biodiversity, it is more critical than ever that we obtain the information needed to secure the long-term health of marine ecosystems. The projects funded by AWR will increase our ability to protect the krill-based ecosystem in the Southern Ocean,” said Claire Christian, the Chair of AWR. 

The four granted research projects for 2019 are the following:

  • A new approach to assess the connectivity among Euphausia superba populations: a metacommunity analysis of krill microbiota -  
    Juan Höfer, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso

  • How deep can they go?  Re-evaluating the vertical distribution of Antarctic krill -  
    Mary Kane, University of Rhode Island /Plymouth Marine Laboratory

  • Spatio-temporal and functional overlap of flying seabirds with krill hotspots and the krill fishery in the Scotia Sea -
    Richard Phillips, British Antarctic Survey

  • Biomarkers approach: Trophic ecology of inshore notothenid fish at Potter Cove, Antarctica, the importance of krill in their diets -  
    Eugenia Moreira Instituto AntárcticoArgentino /CONICET

AWR whishes the best of luck to the new funding initiatives!


A well established Antarctic science funding initiative

“This is another year, where AWR managed to support important research projects that will be key for the understanding of the Antarctic marine ecosystem and to contribute to the precautionary management of the Antarctic krill fishery”.,” said Dr. Rodolfo Werner, AWR Scientific Advisor, and Board member.

In 2017, Aker BioMarine announced its commitment to support the AWR with USD$ 200,000 annually for five years. This funding secures AWR’s work on promoting and facilitating research on the Antarctic ecosystem.

“We are in the krill fishery for the long-run and on a constant mission to take care of the ecosystem in which we harvest from. Ensuring that there is enough science and knowledge about the Antarctic marine ecosystem is essential to our business and why AWR is so important to us” said Matts Johansen, CEO at Aker BioMarine.

The sixth call for proposals is now open

The sixth call for proposals was launched during the 2019 CCAMLR meeting. For 2020 AWR is looking for research projects that prioritize the following:

1.        Krill biology and ecology to inform krill fishery management

2.        Krill-Predator-Fishery Interaction

3.        Supporting risk assessment framework for krill fishery management

4.        Cutting edge science to monitor krill for fishery management

Closing date for AWR’s 6th Call for proposals is March 27, 2020

Dr. Rodolfo Werner presenting the granted projects for 2019 and launching the AWR 6th call for proposals

Dr. Rodolfo Werner presenting the granted projects for 2019 and launching the AWR 6th call for proposals