AWR works with both commercial supporters and individuals to raise donations for research on the Antarctic ecosystem and wildlife.  

Only through better understanding of the role of Antarctic krill in the Southern Ocean can we comprehensively protect the animals that depend on it for survival and ensure precautionary management of the fishery.

The Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund (AWR) are grateful to our commercial supporters for making this possible.

Our Commercial Supporters

The companies who has committed to donate to the Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund in 2017 are:

BioMar Norway

BioMar Norway develops, produces, markets and distributes feed to Norwegian Aquaculture. The BioMar Group is one of the leading suppliers of high performance fish feed to the aquaculture industry.

Sustainable fish farming starts with sustainable harvesting of feed ingredients. Our commitment to the Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund is based upon the need to protect the Antarctic ecosystem, to a very large extent depending on sustainable management of krill resources.


Dr. Mercola founded in 1997 to provide the most cutting edge health information and resources to the public. is now the world’s most visited natural health website, with over 12 million unique monthly visitors. Visit to learn more.

We are proud to support this essential research to ensure the conservation of the Antarctic,”

Steve Rye
CEO of Mercola Health Resources


At Swisse, we are passionate about three things: health, happiness and wellbeing. We believe that the way you live has a direct impact on the enjoyment you get out of life. We believe in celebrating life every day!

We consider nature to be our number one business partner. Wherever possible, Swisse products are formulated with natural, sustainable, ethically-sourced ingredients. As a innovator in health and wellness, we take a leadership role in protecting and preserving our natural environment through our commitment as a carbon neutral organisation and initiatives like the AWR Fund. It makes sense and it feels right, but beyond that, it’s part of the jobs we all love. Swisse values being an advocate of living healthy, happy lives in harmony with the natural environment.

Sarah Chibnall, Swisse


specialists in research and development, production and sales of microalgae and natural nutraceuticals.

Flora Manufacturing
& Distributing

The mission of Flora is to participate in the continuing evolution of the people on Earth toward universal harmony, peace and perfection by providing products and services for the purification and upliftment of the body and the spirit, and by providing to each person who derives a livelihood with Flora, an opportunity for personal growth and advancement of these goals in life.

As a Founding Partner, Aker BioMarine Antarctica has also committed itself to donating 500 000 USD to the AWR.