Scientific research plan

The Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund supports funding to Antarctic research based upon our scientific research plan.


The plan has been developed by the AWR's Science Advisory Group, represented by scientists connected to the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR).


The principAL aims of the scientific research plan are to:

  1. Contribute to CCAMLR's work on the development of a feedback management system for the commercial fishery for Antarctic krill.
  2. Design and implement a series of candidate scientific reference areas to monitor natural variability and long term change.
  3. Design field and analytical methods for providing early warning signals about future ecological change.
  4. Observe and evaluate signals of ecological change with a view to determining, to the extent possible, the causes of change, whether natural or anthropogenically induced.


The research proposals

Research proposals submitted to this fund should focus on one or more of the research areas listed below, but they must clearly identify how the proposal will contribute towards the main objective of the AWR program and how the proposal will increase existing capacities for management.

  • Field-based krill fishery studies
  • Field-based krill ecology studies
  • Field-based predator studies
  • Desk-based modeling studies
  • Desk-based management studies

We strongly advise applicants to study the Scientific Research Plan thoroughly for a better understanding of AWR's research goals and the criteria for evaluation.


AWR has two ways of allocating funds for research projects

  1. Open competitions advertised on the AWR website
  2. Direct funding

You may read more about the application process here.