Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund (AWR) announces grants recipient for the third call for proposals

Photo: Rodolfo Werner
Photo: Rodolfo Werner

Over the past three months, AWR’s Science Advisory Group (SAG) evaluated 8 scientific research proposals. The SAG based the evaluation of each proposal on the priorities for this call along with criteria previously published on the AWR website, including: excellence, fit to scheme, cost effectiveness, and track record. 

On September 19th, in its annual meeting, the AWR Board reviewed the SAG evaluation and took a decision on the projects to be funded.  

AWR is pleased to announce the three recipients of its third call for research grants:

-           Rapid unsupervised automated Krill density estimation from fishing vessels (Rapid-Krill)”. The project will be led by Sophie Fielding from the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), and her fellow researchers from BAS, Institute of Marine Research (Norway) and Yellow Sea Fishery Research Institution (China)

-          “Reconstructing mesopelagic fish populations from biological samplers: a missing link in ecosystem based feedback management”. The project will be led by Ronald S. Kaufmann from the University of San Diego, in cooperation with researchers from Southwest Fisheries Science Center (USA)

-          “Concurrent assessment of baleen whale and krill distribution along the West Antarctic Peninsula using state-of-the art census techniques in a synchronized sampling effort”. The project is led by Helena Herr from the University of Hamburg, in collaboration with other researchers from the University of Hamburg and from Alfred-Wegner Institute (Germany)


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