The Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund (AWR)

facilitates and promotes research on the Antarctic ecosystem


Our vision is to ensure a resilient Antarctica, in which the management of all natural resources must rely on precaution and thorough and up-to-date knowledge.

Our mission is to fill critical gaps in research and monitoring to improve the management of the Antarctic krill fishery. We work with both commercial supporters and individuals to raise donations for research on the Antarctic ecosystem and wildlife.  Only through better understanding of the role of Antarctic krill in the Southern Ocean can we comprehensively protect the animals that depend on it for survival and ensure precautionary management of the fishery. The Antarctic Wildlife Research Fund was established in January 2015 by representatives for ASOC – The Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition, WWF-Norway and Aker BioMarine. Leading scientists in the field of Antarctic research make up the Science Advisory Group of the AWR. 

The Founding Partners